Customized Physical Therapy

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Customized Physical Therapy

Messagepar ffalivvv » mar. 13 avr. 2021 09:46

SGROW Full Body Fat Reduction Pain Relief Device 660nm 850nm Red Near Infrared 900W Red LED Light Therapy
PM900 red light therapy
180pcs 5w high power LED chips
Product Name900W Red Light TherapyPower900W
LED Qty180pcs 5W LEDsLED BrandTaiwan Epileds
Wavelength660nm:850nm = 1:1 (customized)Size870*190*65mm
Net Weight6.55kgBean Angle60 Degree Secondary Lens
CertificatesFDA, CE, RoHS, FCCWarranty3 years
Customized Servicecut logo, custom housing color, color ratio, print logo sticker, user manual etc.
InfraRed Light is invisible to the eye, we feel this as a heat and as our bodies naturally give off infrared energy it makes it an effective and safe treatment. The long wavelengths of infrared light can penetrate through the tissues in the body which can aid inflammation, chronic pain and bad circulation. It can stimulate the metabolism and aid the release of impurities in the body. Our SGROW red light therapy with dual switch gives you the option to choose your own treatment with either or both lights.Customized Physical Therapy
website: ... l-therapy/

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